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YogaAddict Yoga Full Toe Socks with Grips, 3 Pairs Set, Non Slip, Yoga, Pilates

Have you tried going for your practice and your feet are slipping everywhere because of your sweat or slippery floors? Have you experience before that your feet are cold and it is difficult for your muscle to engage properly or even relax?

Yoga socks with non-slip line pattern can provide the added balance, control and grip for you to practice yoga and pilates with peace of mind.

Who Can Benefit from Yoga Socks Full Toe

– Those who wish to have more grip for their yoga and pilates practice
– Those who want to protect their feet and stay hygiene while still having the barefoot feeling
– If you are new to yoga, you will find the props useful particularly during your first few sessions
– Those who wish to cover their feet due to cold feet, slippery feet and have more traction
– Even experienced yoga and pilates practitioner may choose to use yoga socks for more control and warm feeling

Benefits of Yoga Socks Full Toe with Non-Slip Grippy Lines

– Help provide warmness if you practice yoga or pilates in a chilly condition
– If you need to cover your feet for reasons of hygiene or injury
– Increased toe strength by encouraging the toes to spread
– The sole of each sock is covered with little grippy dots designed to create more traction and protection from dirty mats
– Portable – allow you to practice without a mat
– Minimize risk of injury by providing warm environment for muscles, tendons and ligaments

Product Information

– 80% Cotton, 14% Spandex, 6% PVC

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Product Features

  • The set includes: Black (1 pair), Grey (1 pair), White (1 pair)
  • Full Toe Socks can be use for Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, Body Balance, Fitness, Dance, Barre, Hospital, home, etc
  • Provide excellent traction, even without a mat
  • Hygienic alternative to bare foot. Non Slip. Control. Balance.
  • Small/Medium (Men’s shoe size 4-9 or Women’s shoe size 5-10), Medium/Large (Men’s shoe size 9 – 11 or Women’s shoe size 10 – 12)

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C. A. Cobb says:

Soft, secure, non-slip from toe tip to heel

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