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Ptakh Ballet Yoga Socks Barre Grip Non Slip (2 pairs, size 6-10)

Help your body be the most effective at trainings by giving them due non-slip support, hygienic protection and aesthetic beauty. These 2 pairs packs match sizes 6-10 and are served in a pretty sky-blue sachet as a true jewellery in your socks collection. They will become an irreplacable help and beauty wear at your yoga, stretching, pilates training once you find out how good they are. No more bare foot trainings, barefoot feeling remains the same!

Product Features

  • TWO PAIRS of non-slip comfort for maximum pleasure at your training
  • TWO PAIRS of pleasure with natural sensation with the best organic material
  • TWO PAIRS of protection for your gentle foot skin at times of trainings
  • TWO PAIRS of ballet beauty for the most perfect shape of your feet
  • TWO PAIRS of perfect color match with your all of training suits

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