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DG Sports Women’s Mary Jane Bella Yoga Socks with Grips Non Slip Ankle Socks

Non slip yoga socks give you the freedom from shoes, but has the warmth and security of a non slip sock base. Keeps moisture off, reducing your risk of foot fungus. Shaped to fit each of your feet.

Product Features

  • • INSPIRED BY MARY JANES Get the cute look of classic Mary Jane shoes in the form of comfortable socks!
  • • HOLD EVERY POSE WITH EASE Non slip grip on these yoga socks help you root your feet to the mat or to the floor for increased stability
  • • DESIGNED FOR YOUR PRACTICE Ideal to wear during yoga and Pilates, but also great for wearing around the house
  • • A COMFORTABLE CHOICE FOR WOMEN & GIRLS Fits women’s shoe sizes 5 to 10; Breathable, super thin, lightweight fabric keeps you feeling cool
  • • MADE TO SET YOU FREE With these ankle socks, you get protection for your feet with a low profile ankle-high fit that allows for complete mobility

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Steve says:

Fine for house slippers but not great for exercise for me Writing as Anne, Steve’s wife. I thought these would be better for my exercise on carpet than the other yoga socks I bought because of the way the fit. But I was wrong. While they’re great for bopping around the house and I like them, I don’t like them for what I purchased them for. I tried doing my cardio dance routine in them this morning and they shift around too much. The heal/ankle parts stay put justs fine but even though they fit perfect (I bought size med. for a 7 1/2 – 8 shoe size) my…

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