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Best Grip Socks 4 Pairs for Pilates Yoga Barre Toeless

Foot health start with exercising! Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Bar Method, Ballet are great ways to keep your toes happy. These socks can also be used just around the house to stay balanced and safe. Quality made by TOES & SOLES Foot Care, these beautiful socks allow you to move with complete confidence and comfort. Perfect for carpeted and wood floors. Includes 4 pairs of Mary Jane style socks. Colors as pictured on each variation. NOTE: Gray Package includes 2 styles: 2 pairs of black with toes covered, and 2 pairs of heather gray/teal toeless. Pink Package includes: 1 pair of each color – black, dark gray, purple, light pink all toeless. Black package includes: 2 pairs of black & 2 pairs of gray all toeless.

Product Features

  • NON-SLIP socks provide best grip for movement control, stability and balance
  • VARIETY OF USES: yoga, pilates, barre, dance, kickboxing, martial arts
  • SUPERIOR BREATHABILITY thanks to cotton, open foot and open toes design
  • HYGIENIC PROTECTION from bacteria and fungus
  • 4 PAIRS: Pink pack includes: pair of Black, Gray, Pink & Purple. Black pack includes: 2 pairs of Black, 2 pairs of Gray. Gray Pack: 2 pairs of gray-teal toeless & 2 pairs of black toes covered.

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