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2 Tone Thai Fisherman Pants Yoga Trousers Free Size, Dark Green/ Green by ThaiStylesProducts

We DO NOT support sweatshops! You might be able to find lower quality cheaper pants from large factories with low wages and poor working conditions. Our pants however are sewn by a group of skilled women in the quiet home of our friend in suburban Chiang Mai Thailand.

Product Features

  • Thai Cotton Drill Fisherman Yoga Pants FREE SIZE
  • Top quality authentic 100% Cotton Drill “Gangaeng Chaolay” Thai Fisherman pants for men and women! Super-comfortable and versatile- wear them for any occasion!
  • Thai Fisherman Pants have a very wide waist with a belt that ties from the rear. Simply step into the pants, pull the waist out to one side wrap the extra fabric around to the front and tie the belt. Length can be adjusted by folding over the top of the pants!
  • These versatile Freesize pants measure about 56″ around the waist and total length is about 42″. One size fits most! For your reference- I am 5’10” tall with a 33″ waist and 32″ inseam. These versatile Freesize Fisherman Pants will comfortably fit XS-XL sizes.
  • Our high quality fisherman pants are hand made in Thailand of 100% strong and durable heavy weight cotton drill.

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David M. Reed says:

Super casual and rather unique I thought ‘For $13 I will take a chance’I’m ver pleased.They are very weird in terms of how to get them on. I had to get instructions online here. And although weird, they are not difficult. I would not have figured this out on my own. They are quite comfortable, light, loose, and somehow or another the little pocket always ends up situated perfectly over my right thigh. It is LITTLE!A few notes:No fly.Start with the tie-strings in the back…

Yoga Addict says:

Thai Fisherman Pants-great value, comfortable and stylish Mens’ yoga shorts/pants run $40-$60+. Being on the prowl for an economical alternative, I discovered these and read a bunch of the reviews and decided to try them out. I wore these to a hot yoga class, not knowing what to expect. I got many compliments! Both men and women were asking about where I got them and wanted some.When putting these on, ties go to the back. Pull up material. Gather at the left side and fold back. Hold in place. Grab ties from back and bring around to the…

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