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The Joker 10259 says:

He's so hot.

Hugo Mendez says:

this guy just inspired me to start yoga LMAO

Charli Hills says:

I just watched a video by six pack shortcuts – "How to do Yoga for Muscle Gains" and he said he has been doing Yoga with you Sanela!

Are you both able to do a video for my boyfriend and i to follow?

OneButton Dash says:

there's NO WAY they didn't get it on after this video was over. You could just see the sexual tension in the air. A guy pretty much naked flappin his junk around right next to a girl in those tight yoga pants just sculpting her fine butt. As soon as the camera went off I'm 99.9% sure they went at it. This whole video was pretty much foreplay.

Ryan Kearns says:

Awesome video! You guys mentioned some great reasons for men to try yoga. My wife and I actually made a funny video on how to get your man to try yoga.

stan smith says:

I challenge you to do the ALS ice bucket challenge in a bikini.

mupo1811 says:

long time no see a vid from u sanela.

At first I tought yoga was embarrasing to do but it actually hurts you less than other workouts and complements my strengh routines

Kaes says:

they definitely had sex after this. lol

Mina Mohamed says:

you have a nice butt sanela!! and i want a nice butt can u do a video on that? 

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