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Power Yoga For Beginners Men – VIDEO


Daniel Shafer says:

WOW!  This is a lot of power packed into a 34 minute workout.  Loved it!  Exhilarating and energizing.  I did however, have to do several modifications.  I am inclined to consider this more intermediate than beginner.

Get Stuffed Worldwide says:

Warning: This isn't for beginners, if you're looking for an introductory power yoga class this isn't the one. He goes way too fast and expects you to do more advanced yoga poses

Corey Dockery says:

damn slow down i though you said beginners

Brandon Schears says:

Well ones thing for sure…I'm not flexible worth of shit….

Kanwar Anand says:

Thanks. I did what I could. Good work.

black sheep says:

did you say this is for "beginners"? Head stand?

KnotEye says:

Great workout, and i agree this really isn't beginner but i would say im intermediate since i could do just about every pose there except crow lol.

brs “Brsrafal” rafal says:

too fast u bugging yoga supposed to be relaxing this a workout

jules pat escalante says:

seriously beginners… head stand?!

James Bell says:

Head stands for beginners? Seriously…

Fred Hall says:

I'm not tryna be gay. but he have a great bod shape. no fat or anything :-).

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