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Mindfulness: Mindfulness for Beginners: How To Use Mindfulness to Find Peace and Happiness Living in The Present Moment (Mindfulness Meditation Exercises & Techniques)

Mindfulness Will Change Your Life — Learn How To Start Living Each Day To The Fullest!

Are you tired of feeling stressed, and never having enough time? Would you like to have more happiness, peace, and love? Maybe you just want to stop procrastinating and create a better life for yourself?

No Matter What Problems You’re Facing, Mindfulness Is The Answer…

Mindfulness is a philosophy that teaches us that in order to live a happy and productive life we must live in the present moment. Unfortunately, in today’s world we live in the exact opposite way. We are present everywhere except right here, right now. You could even say that we live according to the philosophy of mindlessness. Always rushing, always multitasking but never stopping to actually live.

“Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.”- Seneca

Our Mind Wanders Either In The Memories Of Our Past Or In The Dreams Of Our Future…

The present moment is considered too boring to merit our attention. We feel there are always more important things to do, more things we have to get done. So we give the present moment just enough attention to get by but nothing more than that. If we do become mindful of our present situation, it depresses us because we realize that we really have no control over our lives. In a moment of rare clarity we see that our real life and our ideal dream life are worlds apart.

To forget this fact we seek distractions in the form of reality television shows, cute cat pictures, social media, alcohol, shopping, fast food, drugs and anything else that numbs us to the current moment and our feelings.

But this is no way to live!

Inside these pages, you’ll learn what mindfulness is all about and how to apply it in every aspect of your life.

Learn The Complete Concept Of Mindfulness, Not Just As A Meditation Technique But Also As A Life Philosophy…

Here’s a small preview of what’s inside…
Learn what mindfulness is and how it can completely better your lifeHow to do mindfulness meditation the right wayHow to practice mindfulness in daily life situationsHow to use mindfulness to align your life with your principles and valuesHow to use the mindfulness habit to turn your life around and find lasting success and happiness Learn how mindfulness can make you more productive, less stressed, and in control of your life!Plus, so much more…
So, if you’re stuck in the rat race of our modern world and always find yourself in limbo between the past and the future, then do yourself a favor and give this book a read.

You really can calm your mind, become happier, and create a better life.

And Mindfulness is the KEY!

Ready to increase your peace?

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