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Larry Payne’s Prime of Life Yoga: The Classic Beginner’s Program for Men & Women

A safe, doctor recommended, introduction to Yoga that is popular with men and women. Originally on VHS as “User Friendly Yoga.” Videotaped on location in Malibu, California. Divided into 15 minute and 28 minute programs. Special Bonus: Disc includes MP3 audio versions of the routines, so you can download the audio to play on your iPod or Computer.Larry Payne, a Ph.D. and Los Angeles-based yoga teacher, has put together a yoga program that lives up to its title. Power yoga this ain’t; rather than touting the virtues of yoga as aerobic, strength-building exercise, User Friendly Yoga presents it primarily as a tool for stress and tension reduction, incorporating simple forward bends, backbends, standing poses, twists, and various stretching and balancing poses in a gentle, easy-to-follow sequence designed for those who are new to the discipline (with slightly more difficult variations demonstrated for more advanced users). Payne is a soothing, nurturing presence, constantly emphasizing the importance of the breath and the personal, noncompetitive aspects of yoga (“challenge yourself, don’t strain yourself” is one of his mantras). He even suggests watching the 30-minute program all the way through once before trying the poses. Now, if he would only turn down the sappy New Age Muzak that seems to be de rigueur for so many yoga videos these days. –Sam Graham

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Amazon Customer says:

Very disappointed When I played the DVD I found it contained only around 5 super simple poses on it which was disappointing. Worse than that is it is broken down into 1/2 program or full program giving you a choice of length of workout but both program are exact duplicates of each other. Its like they copied the 1/2 program over to the full program right down to the introduction of the DVD. Same introduction, same 5 poses, totally IDENTICAL. It makes no sense. If I wanted to do the same exact beginner poses…

June Birnie says:

Relaxing Yoga

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