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Chris Jericho Yoga – VIDEO


Dickens Tham says:

Damn Jericho is rocking with that DDP yoga

David Stha says:

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keri shenton says:

chis is like chuck norris trying to gym gear to you but with ddp yogy classic will some one got to do it other then ddp him self but this works

ريان جي says:

I want sleep with him in one bed

bengalibadass says:

There is no way he is able to keep that amount of muscle mass by doing ddp yoga only….

Chest Pec Respect says:

He looks great here. Why is he fat in matches though?

shaeem baksh- laltech says:

Keep it up. Dats is d best exercise

thekangarooboxer says:

daaang.. Jericho does NOT look 40+… he looks damned good for his age.

Szabó Krisztián says:

6 Months exercise – two extreme push-ups (Szabó Krisztián)

Those who can see! Thank you!

Kayspaify says:

He's got a way more muscular body than CM Punk for example, despite being older and basically only doing yoga.

Carmen A Scheid says:

I'm glad he's sharing his story, just ordered DDP Yoga.

Jamie “Kaoci” Potter says:

lol jericho isnt copying ddp hes using ddp yoga

Stroydoy Yup says:

Jerico is trying to copy DDP
Jerico is an ignorant ass

Adriana Rivera says:

Jericho is sooooooooo hot!

ricflairomania says:

The man with 1.004 yoga positions.

REN Irvin says:

my question is : does ddp yoga really work? i mean, the dvd's are quite expensive :/

Isaiah Gaming says:

The real Micheal de Santa ps JERICHO COME BACK AND BEAT UP KANE

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