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20 Min Power Yoga for Athletes – Yoga Workout for Strength & Flexibility – VIDEO


jwsuydam2 says:

first time I have done yoga for a workout.  It's great, but harder than weight lifting.  thanks for the great training tips.

Loren Cassin Sackett says:

I just did this with my family — thank you! Great workout.

geronimo sara says:

good yoga and puryakot…

Michael Shaw says:

So I just did this workout in my lounge. Got a couple strange looks from people in my complex but I don't really care. Totally worth it.

Noah Smadda says:

Thanks for the great videos. never done yoga before, Im a beginning to incorporate your videos into my routine. Love your commentary, random quotes, and of course Addie ( spelling? ).

Brian Drury says:

Traveling for work, did this in my hotel in Belgium!

Baum A. Ein says:

Thanks, man! I will definitely add this to my usual workout!
Usefull advice on posture and using your toes.

Ben Pharris says:

Fuck Sean you killed me

Tara Dowling says:

Hey Sean, great workout. had left the world of yoga for a few months but an back in the groove thanks to your videos. Did this on win Dubai 33C at 7 in then morning – built up a sweat!

Anna Cornett says:

You rock, Sean   Thanks for the energizing start to my day.  I love the challenge and now I'm ready to do whatever this day brings!  I do yoga in a spare bedroom of my home that I made into my very own workout/yoga room.  #grownkids

Sam Smith says:

I love it!

Mark McNeff says:

Love this flow man! The hammies and abs are all hurting so good! I'm checking out the app now!

Thanyalak CPE says:

I love this video.

eric hui says:

How do I modify the v poses? Can't keep my upperbody in position

eric hui says:

Are all the videos on your channel in the book? I bought it but put the time to learn everything

mlortiz06 says:

Very nice I totally felt a difference. needless to say will subcribe and like

mike s says:

man fuck this nevermind. your moving way too fast

mike s says:

too fast man. kinda hard trying to perform and watch at the same time I could be in one position and your already moving on to the next

H Athlete4ever says:

LOVe this!  I'm happy I got to not only see, but do the new move, the eagle boat pose.  I've never seen or done that pose until just now.  Thank you so much Sean!

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