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7 Beginning Yoga Postures for Men – VIDEO


10908070605040302 says:

greetings from ireland yes yes yoga for power

Tony Sobis says:

Did you get those arms just from yoga?

Joe Gonzales says:

Dean, so happy I stumbled across your videos, now I'm a subscriber! Amazing, thank you.

Orlando Jose Rodriguez Fuenmayor says:

Thanks, namaste brother I did it for the first time it's easy but Im very tall and flexible. Sivoham <3

Daniel Gutierrez says:


Andrzej Skarzynski says:

Great, this is what I was looking for. Thanks.

Fish Fisher says:

nice vid! make sure u checking me out also! 💪👍

Enson Barker says:

I like that mat, where to get it?

Dinis Teixeira says:

Awesome Dean! Thanks!

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