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5 Key Yoga Poses For Men – VIDEO


SA from SABooks says:

I certainly sorta failed, although I did do the lying on the floor like lazy right. If anyone wanna check out the embarrassing footage on my channel, be my guest!

Patrick Woodford says:

hope i can , love the video

Jens Stowesand says:

Glad Ragunath went into detail about the "Up Dog" position, I was questioning myself "What's Up Dog?"

Solymar Schleinkofer says:

amazing this video was gold all the essentials for a great theriputic stretch

Kali Center says:

Great stuff!

Vikas Pandey says:

great,.thanks raghunath.

Zeejah says:

what you recommend for the beginners

123lowp says:

cool !!!!

bxkid7 says:

Just started doing yoga now that I had a pain called Sciatica. Working on incorporating yoga into my life. The benefits of yoga is wonderful. Feeling the burns in my arms and legs right now. Loving this channel thank you so much for bringing yoga to the comfort of my home.

Bass Line says:

Dude got some big old foots lol!!!!

Gohar Aziz says:

sir please can you tell me a yoga for abs (six pack

Wil Bogdanoff says:

What were the 5 poses?

Mitchell McClarnon says:

First time I have seen a video that is getting me interested in trying yoga.  Great explanations of what is happening.

Kenneth Jensen says:

This actually feels great. I think I can get into it. Thanks for the video. I'll make sure to put it to use. I'm doing weight lifting but I've realized that I am very stiff. Thought yoga could do me some good. And I think it will.

Thekingofthings says:

Really great and important video for a lot of people. I like that it added variations.

jimmy luckmonger says:

what's up dog?

Travis Little says:

Well I was definitely not expecting that, great start out mix. I didn't really feel much of a fluid type feel to the video. maybe a full demonstration of stretching/yoga before the specific run down on each.

That Guy ThatWearsClothes says:

2:50 BaaaaAaaCKkkkk!!!

yogi 2436 says:

very good, thanks, have subscribed

auxripper says:

Finally! Someone speaking "men's language" to explain poses! He sounds more like Bob Villa, explaining how to install a hot water heater, WHICH IS A GOOD THING lol! I think the hardest part for straight men 18-45 is that the language used just isnt accessible. 

Joseph George says:

Thanks for posting , I used these poses very helpful.

Annabel Hendricks says:

super oefeningen

Denver Skip says:

Great video! Thanks!

Tyler.TV says:

these are great, thanks!

Gwen Lawrence says:

love thanks

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