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20 Min Yoga for Men Advanced Strength Workout – Killer Power Yoga for All! – VIDEO


Andrew says:

I was hesitant to try yoga at first, but started with your 15 min beginner about a month and a half ago before my regular work out, worked my way to this one and haven't looked back! great vids! I think next week i'm going to start the 7 day yoga challenge… the week after that I might try the 7day pilates!! good work outs!

Karolina Kirilova says:

nice instruction and very cool flow 🙂 i'm subscribing!

Paul Muas says:

Great workout!

casualfreak says:

thank u so much for the workout! I'm a 16yr old girl who sucks at sports so this is an amazing workout to become strong n fit. also since I live in an apartment, this is the best! pls can u make more 10-15 mins workout so that i can do them quickly during exam week??

Bacon Cheese says:

that was crazy man. 11/10 keep doing what you're doing. the little star wars jokes in between were funny

Jaimee K says:

Crappy ads…right in the middle of bird of paradise! 🙁

Daniel Miller says:

do you lift as well or just yoga?

Norman Davenport says:

Great yoga workout. Like the presentation. Thanks for the lack of usual annoying yoga music.

Anna Cornett says:

So I found your videos by happy accident.  I am a 50+ woman and enjoy this challenge.  I've been doing yoga for about ten years and we're at an advanced level. I'll definitely make your vids my workouts on strength days (alternating with Sean T for cardio).  I LOVE your humor, locations and guidance. Thanks!  Oh on a negative note, the advertising is horrible and completely annoying as it interrupts the flow of what we are doing.  Blah.

lilahbutt says:

Just did this one after taking a day off after the 7 day challenge.Still a little sore but this was great!

marc keeling says:

hey I currently am 5'7 and weigh 205… I bike to and from work 5 days a week (5km each way) and also work as a Foodora bike currier. will your course help me look weight or belly fat?


Awesome workout loved it wish the ads weren't there but I dealt with it thanks Sean your the best

Ashleigh Oliveira says:

The random bursts into song make this my favorite yoga video ever. Thanks this is a great advanced flow.

jason l says:

Great Video

I enjoyed the crunches.

GrimGameReaper says:

Yo dude I subbed can you sub back plz

Dan Wilson says:

2 make-up adds in the middle of this work out? Clearly we can see where your priorities are…

magpie5000 says:

The 2 Sephora commercials mid video are obnoxious.

DJ Brown says:

More advanced flows please! I love it!!!!

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