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Why Women Are Leading the Charge to (Re)unite Cannabis and Yoga

Rachael Carlevale, founder of Ganjasana, with cannabis plant. Photo by Tracey Eller (, courtesy @CosmicSister Twenty people sit in sukasana, breathing together, on a flower of mats on the floor of a Boulder, Colorado studio. Like the flower’s central pistil, at the center of the circle, is a candlelit altar of cannabis plants in living, organic soil, among other earthly delights. The other items include worms and vermicompost sitting beside healing stones and mapacho, tobacco plants sacred to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. The group is gathered at the Earth Yoga studio for a cannabis and yoga ceremony called Ganjasana. [Read More...]

Top Plaza 7 Chakra Reiki Healing Crystals Yoga Balance Irregular Shape Polished Tumbled Palm Stones W/ 7 Chakra Healing Crystal Bracelet(#4)

Amethyst–Sahasrara(Or Crown Chakra)is engraved Thousand Petaled Lotus,Sahasrara’s inner aspect deals with the release of karma,physical action with meditation,mental action with universal consciousness and unity,and emotional action with “beingness”. Clear Crystal–Ajna(Or Third-Eye Chakra)is symbolised by a lotus with two petals.Physically,Ajna’s key issues involve balancing the higher and lower selves trusting inner guidance.Mentally,Ajna deals with visual consciousness. Lazuli Lapis–Vishuddha(Or Throat Chakra)means especially pure,Physically,Vishuddha governs communication.Mentally,it governs fluent thought and sense of security. Green Aventurine–Anahata(Or Heart Chakra)is symbolised by a circular flower with twelve green petals called the heartmind.Key issues involving Anahata involve complex,compassion,tenderness,unconditional love,equilibrium,rejection and well-being.Physically Anahata governs circulation,Mentally it governs passion,and [Read More...]

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Travel Sports Yoga Gym Drawstring Bag Training Gymsack Sackpack (Blue)

17″ X 15″ X 6″(Height X Width X Length), Weight: 0.6(lb) High-Quality Smooth Zipper, Durable Nylon, Water-resistant Fabric. The fabric is thicker, stronger, smooth and water-resistant. All of things in the bag are protected well. The strap is wider and strong enough. You will not feel any uncomfortable when wearing. It is lightweight and fashionable. Suitable for boys and girls. It’s perfect to be a Training Gymsack or a Travel Casual Daypack in Daily Life. It has large room to hold all of the things that you want to carry. Original design,Self production,the trademark “Amatory” has never been authorized to [Read More...]

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RanBow floor PVC waterproof multifunction thick mat,Use in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, closet, shoe rack.Non-slip mats, game pad, Baby crawling mat , baby floor mat(43 * 180*),Green

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR CHOICE! Pick up a high quality PVC Yoga mat with lowest cost now!!! What is your priorities when it comes to choose PVC Yoga mat? Material, thickness, stickiness, or price range. You can have it all with our PVC Yoga mat. The superior strong durable PVC material will last for a decade, it will never flake bits off even with the most intense workout. If stickiness is your priority, don’t hesitate to pick up the yoga mat with PVC material since it has the highest sticky features compared with other materials like rubber, jute, and cotton. [Read More...]

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