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Tibetan Chakra Meditations


aislinn3912 says:

Balance, Heal, & Calm simultaneously I want to begin by saying I *love* this album. Its design has proven extremely effective in activating and healing my Chakras.The pretense here, and what sets this album apart from a lot of albums like it, is that certain tones correspond with certain Chakras (spiritual energy centers) and therefore, exposure to those tones calls to attention, focuses and brings out higher function in each corresponding Chakra. The tones get higher in pitch as the tracks go on, and each of the first…

Anonymous says:

I have many albums and recordings of bells, bowls, nature sounds, new-age music…. This is the one I come back to every time (it replaced Freedom Chants from the Rooftop of the World by the Gyoto monks). The tones are penetrative; they clear out junk that’s stuck. The first time I asked to have it played during a massage session, the masseur said he started out hating it because it shook him inside, but by the end he was really enjoying the rattling. He asked for the name of it and has his…

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