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Tantric Massage: Mastery, 28 Ways To Give The Perfect Tantric Massage

Become A Tantric Massage Master!

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There is a lot of misunderstanding around the ancient school of thought of Tantra. Most people associate this with something that they should avoid. They think that it is all about sex or that it has some form of dark magic with it. It is not something that should be talked about in polite company and most people will not even take the time to even look it up. Tantra is not something to be ashamed off and it is not all about sex.

While it can heighten your pleasure during sex, there is a lot more that can go into this school of study and you can easily perform it without having sex at all. This guidebook is going to spend a bit of time talking about what Tantra is as well as tantric sex and then spend a bit of time going into the steps you should take and the proper tips in order to make this work for you.

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Alex Fernandez says:

This book was exactly what I was searching for!! A couple of months back I encountered my first (expert) tantric back rub and it must be one of the best experience of my life. I hope this book will let you know how to get ready yourself and space to perform the back rub. I’ve never felt more transparent then after that back rub. I’m seeing someone and needed to give this experience to my better half. My most loved tip was the utilization of a quill. It covers the whole body and envelops the requirement for individuals to “touch”…

KIONA says:

Best massage to enhance your health… This book is not what I think it is. It was unexpectedly helpful. This book has a guide of what is the best thing you can do before and after making love. From low performance to higher level of making love and its health benefits. The physiological principles and descriptions throughout the book which were verified to be all true after following the guidelines. My approach has been changed forever. Anyone I discuss it with appears to be naturally drawn to the concept as well. It also discusses…

Cyndi Jones says:

Not just sexual but a religious experience. To be honest I never really knew what Tantric massage was, to me it sounded erotic and I never put much more thought into it. That was until I found this book, while infact it is part of a religious practice. This book tells you how to prepare yourself and space to perform the massage. My favorite tip was the use of a feather. It covers the entire body and encompasses the need for people to ‘touch’ another person. Sort of like its hardwired somewhere deep in our primitive brains that we crave…

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