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Table Thai Yoga Massage

Table Thai Yoga Massage is a modern-day evolution and fusion of Traditional Thai Massage and Yoga. These blended healing practices harmonize breath, movement, and intention to provide decreased stress, tension, and pain. At the heart of Table Thai Yoga Massage is the practice of loving kindness, or what the Thais call “Metta.” Metta is truly applied when both giver and receiver are in a space of loving kindness. That is, practicing Table Thai in a way that feels good to give AND feels good to receive. With the spirit of “metta,” this book showcases simple, easy, and fun approaches to safely move and stretch the body to feel good from the inside out! Table Thai Yoga Massage is a 3-dimensional experience, where the muscles, tendons, ligaments, as well as the joints receive the benefit of movement and massage. Table Thai restores natural range of motion and joint health, enhances functional integration of the body, and clears fascial restrictions from previous injuries and repetitive stress patterns. Likewise, Table Thai Yoga Massage clears blockages along the wind channels, or sen, and powerfully relaxes the mind and calms the heart. To respect the Thai culture and the inspiration for this book, we’ve included Thai cultural nuances entitled “The Thai Way.” As reminders to let go of unnecessary tension, “Yoga Gem” inserts are provided to encourage physical and energetic alignment. In addition, we provide pointers for cultivating loving kindness with “Growing Metta” sections. And, to delineate where our Table Thai Yoga Massage techniques vary from traditional Thai Massage, or to provide additional variations to address different body types, we offer inserts entitled “Same-Same.” It is with grateful hearts and warm smiles, that we are pleased to share Table Thai Yoga Massage!

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