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Table Thai Yoga Massage


Anonymous says:

I’ve been studying Thai massage/bodywork for about six years now. Every once in a while I like to see what others are teaching and putting out in the world. This is a well thought out sequence with solidly displayed body mechanics on the part of the therapist, and good quality production. The only complaint I have is what I generally disagree with on most of these kinds of DVDs–they always show you all these great movement/stretching techniques on someone who is a yogi. Just once I would love…

Anonymous says:

I love this video! I’ve been receiving emails from Heath and Nicole Reed for years now regarding their workshops, and I’ve never been in the right city at the right time. Enter a new job in Chicago, new colleagues with ideas, and this Amazon rental. Perfect timing and perfect execution. If you want to up your game and move beyond the exhaustive, repetitive Swedish traditional massage, rent (and or buy!) this video. Clients are desperately seeking this work! Save your body and help your clients…

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