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Sportneer Foam Roller with 64 Trigger Points for Gym Exercise Muscle Massage Pilates Therapy Yoga

This Sportneer Foam Muscle Roller is made up of 64 trigger points for the ultimate muscle penetration. Stimulate your blood circulation, relieve any muscle tensions and pain and increase flexibility from high density with ease at the comfort of your home. Or take it on the go with our carrying bag. This form roller is made with high quality material, inside and outside, and features a solid inner construction. Weighing just over a pound, it is portable and sized perfectly for travel!

-Material: EVA ,PVC
-Fitness Goal: Flexibility, Stretching, Relieve Pain and Stiffness
-Item Size: 13″x 4″
-Item Weight: 1.5lbs
-Package Size: 5.25″ x 5.25″ x 13.25″
-Package Weight: 1.9lbs

Package Includes:
-1 x Foam Roller
-1 x Carrying Bag

Product Features

  • 64 TRIGGER POINTS: Uniquely designed trigger point zone for massage and acupressure therapy to stimulate blood circulation, relieve muscle tension and pain and increase flexibility
  • UP TO 440lbs: Made of solid PVC interior and EVA exterior to offer greater support and large weight capacity of up to 440lbs, very strong and sturdy
  • DURABLE W/ STRONG RESILIENCE: This muscle rollor has strong resilience, which won’t break down or lose shape from repeated use
  • COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT AND INCLUDES A CARRYING BAG: Perfect travel friendly size of 13″x 4″, weights just over a pound, fits in gym bags, backpacks and more
  • MULTIPURPOSE: This rollor can be used for all athlete levels after high-intensity workouts or competition and it is also a great tool used for core exercise routines to support core strengthening

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Grigs68 says:

Very Well Made Aggressive Hard Foam Roller When I used to work out with friends at a local gym we all used the rollers to help with muscle cramps and tightness. Recently I bought the equipment and put a home gym in my house. It did not take me long to miss getting to use those rollers. There are all types to choose from. They range from soft/flexible smooth foam to hard PVC. Some are smooth and some have “bumps” and ridges. I always got the most out of the really hard ones with the bumps as they are better for deep tissue…

Lewis says:

Nice massage, portable and firm. Overall, I’m a fan of this roller. It has a bit more depth than other trigger-point rollers that I’ve seen. I typically use the normal sized (longer) flat roller for my back and legs – especially as I’m training for runs.What I like about this roller is that it’s quite firm and the trigger points have more depth. I tend to use this roller for my lower back, where I need more of that ‘massage’ feeling and a deeper roll vs. the flat foam roller (which I usually use for my legs or…

Anonymous says:

I have sciatica nerve pain time to time and I after doing some research I found out that this style of foam rollers with a solid pvc interior is better in the long run. Since your muscles get use to the soft foam rollers this style having the PVC interior help with the support of your body weight and help with muscle pain.The trigger points are an interesting add on to the typical roller since they make the pvc version but the trigger points help in an acupressure way to help with blood…

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