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PharMeDoc Muscle Roller Massage Stick – Self Myofascial Release Tool for Pressure Points, Sore Muscles, and Pain Relief – Perfect for Athletes, Trainers, Physical Therapy, Yoga, or any Workout

Deep Tissue Massage for Recovery
Whether you’re sore from sitting all day at work or just ran a marathon, the PharMeDoc Muscle Roller Stick is a self-myofascial release that massages away bodily stress and helps you recover.

Our muscle roller stick’s spinning gears massage into aching muscles while evenly distributing applied pressure. The riveted rubber grip allows for a steady hold that you can apply and its slim size makes it easy to travel with.

Why Use a Muscle Roller Stick?
Compared to it’s big sister — the PharMeDoc foam roller — the PharMeDoc Muscle Roller Stick targets different muscle groups that the foam roller can’t. It also prevents injury, reduces lactic acid, and assists with circulation to increase your range of motion.

Anyone looking for a deep massage and wanting to loosen tight muscles can add this to their daily routine. Our muscle roller is also ideal for those on-the-go and don’t have time to get a full stretch pre-/post-workout.

Product Features

  • Professional-grade steel core restores and rehabilitates muscles by increasing blood flow and strengthening mobility
  • This 18″ massage roller has 9 reinforced plastic gears that loosen myofascial trigger points to instantly relieve pain and soreness
  • Myofascial roller with ergonomic handles allows you to keep your hold for a soothing and uninterrupted recovery session
  • Compact and lightweight size makes it simple to store or use in small spaces, making it the perfect addition to your home gym equipment
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty • Designed in California • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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First Tiger Dragon says:

Amazingly Quick Relief for Lower Back Pain It’s a simple, marvelous little gizmo that can bring amazingly quick relief for back pain that you can use yourself. It’s also very good for using on other people. The PharMeDoc brand massage stick is higher quality than some of the massage sticks sold on here (we’ve tried several), and much less prone to pull hairs on bare skin. We’ve also found, to our surprise, that we prefer the shorter sticks over the longer ones, and larger diameter rollers over the smaller ones, if that is of help to…

Willeke says:

Great product. I love, love this massage roller. I have had a hamstring injury for almost 6 months and upon the advice of my physical therapist who I’ve been seeing for the past 2 months, I bought this. I read many reviews of some of the other rollers and decided to try this one because of the good reviews and the affordable price and I’m sure glad I did. My husband used to try to rub the hamstring muscles for me but it was always a pain asking him and getting him to do it when I wanted it and with this…

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