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Foot Alignment Socks,Yoga Sprots GYM Five Toe Separator Socks Open Toe Socks Massage Socks Soft Comfortable Pain Relieve Gift by B.LeekS (Purple)


Item type: toe socks
Materials: ventilate cotton,soft and confortable,it’s perfect for yoga.
Color: Black, White, Pink, Purple.
Siza: 11.6*3.6*6.5 inches

1.Promote blood circulation, relieve foot pain
2.Rectify deformation toes, knead toes, to prevent foot cramp
3.Make you far from foot pain,foot cramps,bunions, hammertoesand more
4.Perfect for office ladies who always wear high heels.
5.Also can help people who have sleeping problems,easy and comfy to wear, keep your feet warm to help you sleep better

Product Features

  • Ventilate cotton material,soft and stretchy,comfort foot toes alignment Socks stretch tendon.
  • It is helpful for women relieve pain feet,who wear the high heels all day and her toe get cramped.
  • Easy to use,just put them on your foot,they will work for you when you sleeping, makes your foot have a good relax and you sleep well at night.
  • Separate your every toe with each other,promote blood circulation,improve metabolic toe and prevent foot cramps.
  • More healthful,wear fot alignment socks instead of bare, and also can keep your foot warm,usefully for barre, Pilates, Yoga and dancing lovers.

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RJ says:

I usually just wear regular socks but I liked the idea of having the toes out I always wanted to try this socks for my yoga class.I usually just wear regular socks but I liked the idea of having the toes out.Those socks are really soft and separation between the toes is thick so it doesn’t hurts but I must say it took me 10minutes to get use to the separation between my toes after that I just didnt want to be without them…They are very comfy and warm I also washed them andthey didnt change color or shape so I can tell its a good material.So far…

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