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Foam Roller High Density Firm Core by FeelGreat Massage Exercise Yoga Pilates Medium Soft (Black, 18″)

This is the ultimate product for anyone from beginners to athletes looking to use a foam roller for exercise, stretching, stability, and flexibility. The FeelGreat Foam Roller is equipped with Firm Density Core Foam and softer outer PE Foam with Closed Cell Technology to create an experience like you’ve never had with a foam roller. The FeelGreat’s softer outer PE Foam provides comfort for muscles, while the firm density core keeps the roller’s shape intact, even with the most strenuous workouts. The FeelGreat provides the rare marriage of both comfort and support that beginners, weekend athletes, and professionals are looking for to maintain flexibility, strengthen core muscles, roll out trigger points, prevent injuries, and stimulate myofascial release. “What I mostly like about this roller is that it is a perfect firmness. The roller I had was killing me. It just hurt. This one is firm enough to melt away the tightness but it doesn’t punish you in the process” FeelGreat Foam Roller User

Product Features

  • High Density Foam Core.
  • Softer Outer PE Foam Technology Provides More Gentle Compression Support
  • Closed Cell Structure for Maximum Comfort and Durability
  • The 18″ Model is the Perfect Size for Travel or Placement in a Gym Bag
  • Perfect for Anyone from Beginners to Professional Athletes

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Luna4 says:

Soft and firm

Kathleen M. Fagan says:

It arrived quickly and in excellent condition.

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