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EliteShine Natural Pebbles Massage Mat Cobblestone Health Care Reflexology Massage Yoga Mat

Size: 40x150cm
Material: Natural cobblestone
Density of cobblestones: Middle density
Distance between cobblestones: about 20mm
Size of cobblestones: about 20mm
Color of cobblestones: mixed
Weight of the mat: 4500 grams
1. Good for middle age, senior age and old people. Long term walking on massage mat can improve the micro-circulation of the second heart of human body (foot) so that to get better irritative effect to the end of nerves and enhance to get better propitiatory affect to the spirit. This has enhanced assistant treatment effect and health care effect to the popular diseases.
2. Good to people sitting to work and study for a long time. By using healthy foot-massage mat, the above diseases can be removed or eased greatly.
3. The Cobblestone Mat helps users improve circulation while reducing blood-pressure. The positive effects of foot reflexology paths have become more widely recognized.
* This is not medical instrument. Please ask for doctor’s advice for serious illness.
* Not fit for those people has the symptom of haemorrhage to use during the period of haemorrhage. Such as hemoptysis , have blood in their stool , hemorrhuage stomach and intestine from womb , viscera etc.
* Not fit for women at the period of menstruate and pregnancy.
* Not fit for patients at the moving period of phthisis , at the unsteady state of acute myocardial infarction, with serious kidney failure or serious heart failure.
* Please do not expect any immediate effect.
* Foot will feel pain at the beginning. Please wear socks or put a towel on the stones.
* We use natural cobblestones to produce the massage mat. Each piece of cobblestone is exclusively unique in the world. The massage mat you get may have small differences with the image.

Product Features

  • Size 40x150cm, Weight 4.5KGS, Natural cobblestone Massage Mat
  • An easy way to keep fit and health.
  • All made of NATURAL pebble stones.
  • Suitable for officers and senior ages.
  • Various patterns available.

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Lauren says:

Next Best Thing to An Outdoor Reflexology Path! I would love to have an outdoor/garden reflexology path, but that is not do-able at this current moment in time. This one really caught my eye, as the design is very beautiful, and they use real different colored, sizes, shaped rocks and stones on this. IT FEELS FABULOUS especially when my feet are tired/or I’m tired in general. It just feels so wonderful. It reduces stress and releases all these endorphins. Amazing stress relief. There is a perfect different array of sizes, angles, and…

Bens Mom in Palo Alto says:

Pricey but useful cobblestone mat for foot stimulation

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