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YOGABODY Naturals Yoga Trapeze -Yoga Swing/Sling/Inversion Tool, Purple

Achieve deeper backbends and instant back pain relief with the yoga trapeze the yoga trapeze is the most powerful, at home yoga inversion tool ever created. Hang it of your door frame or from an exposed beam, bar or swing set. Setup is fast and simple, results are immediate. Heal your spine at home. Our students report that the yoga trapeze is more effective than an 1-hour deep tissue massage or a multiple series of chiropractic adjustments. The yoga trapeze strengthens and loosens the muscles surrounding the spine naturally – so you can eliminate the source of the pain both short and long term. Most back pain specialists recommend a 3-pronged approach for long term back pain relief. Traction: The yoga trapeze creates natural, body weight traction – the safest and most effective kind. Back and core strengthening: For dynamic, deep core strength, nothing compares to inverted, gravity resistance training. Flexibility: Just hang back, grab your ankles and chill out. This is the safest, deepest backbend you could ever do unassisted (and painless). You’ll make flexibility gains effortlessly.

Product Features

  • Relieve back pain: Inversion therapy is amazing for your back, achieve instant traction on your spine
  • When you practice passive, inverted backbends on the yoga trapeze, you can hold yoga backbend poses much longer without fatigue
  • Pro-grade quality: This is the same model used in YOGABODY Naturals studios worldwide and includes gym-grade grip rubber handles

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Amazon Customer says:

2×6 ceiling thingies

Picky Shopper says:

If I can do it at 270 pounds being horribly out of shape with a degenerative spine, you can too! And your back will thank you! I love it! The shipping was fast and everything was packaged well. The webpage offers great instructions on installation that my husband was able to easily use. We bought the indoor hammock hanging kit by live infinitely to hang it because of the large (600 pound) weight limit. The ropes that come with it are perfect for being able to adjust the height to where you want them. There is defiantly a bit of a learning curve when first starting to use it for hanging upside down. After a few…

Super Z's Mom says:

Great product, easy to install

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