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YogaAccessories (TM) Supportive Round Cotton Yoga Bolster – Purple

YogaAccessories™ Cotton Yoga Bolsters provide perfect support for many yoga postures. You will find that they are firm to provide full support, yet soft enough to be quite comfortable. The bolsters are stuffed with 100% cotton batting. The bolsters are round, 28” long with a 10” diameter, and also available in a rectangular shape.

For a deeper stretch or for less flexible yogis, try our larger Deluxe Cotton Yoga Bolsters.

Product Features

  • NOTE: These are our full size bolsters weighing in at 6lbs and measuring 28″ long x 10″ diameter
  • 100% cotton filling and cover
  • Zippered case is machine washable
  • Long and firm cylinder shape
  • Handles on each end

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Dickie Greenleaf says:

Great Product, Great Price!

mary e says:

Not too hard, not too soft, just right. I’ve never used a bolster before, but after having lower back problems, I started practicing restorative yoga and a bolster is one of the things they recommend. This one is great. Not too hard, not too soft. It was a little bigger than I expected, but I’ve quickly gotten used to it. I use it in my yoga practice and put it under my legs when I’m on the couch to alleviate strain on my lower back. The only downside is the canvas cover attracts pet hair like a magnet. I bought the dark blue one and…

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