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YogaAccessories Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster – Pecan Leaf

The YogaAccessories Deluxe Bolsters are the heaviest bolster available! Weighing a full 9 pounds, these extra dense bolsters are the perfect support for a number of yoga poses. Your yoga bolster should be firm enough to help you tackle those more challenging poses, and these deluxe bolsters will help you reach further and safer. Place one under the back, shoulders, and head to help open up the chest and lengthen the spine. Use one in seating poses to prevent clenching of the abdominals during forward bends. Made with 100% natural cotton, you will find that they are firm enough to provide full support, yet soft enough to be quite comfortable. The Deluxe Round Cotton Yoga Bolster is 28” long, 10” in diameter, has a zippered opening to remove filling for height adjustment, and only from YogaAccessories!

Product Features

  • 24” long x 6” high x 12” wide
  • Removable cover for easy washing
  • 100% cotton cloth
  • Rectangular, oblong shape with handles on both ends
  • Don’t be fooled by imposters! Only YogaAccessories is authorized to sell genuine YogaAccessories products

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Amazon Customer says:

Sinopia is bright orange The bolster is just as expected. It is dense and supportive. The fabric and stitching is tough. This seems like it will last for a long time. The color is great. I love looking at my bright orange bolster. I use it for supported relaxation pose (with the bolster under my spine), supported child’s pose (with it under my belly and chest, hugging!), restorative backbends (put a block down, place the bolster crosswise on the block, then drape yourself over it for a nice gentle backbend), as a…

mspenname says:

firm and comfortable

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