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Yes4All Yoga Starter Set Kit – Includes NBR Exercise Mat, Yoga Block, Yoga Towel & Yoga Strap – Choose Your Color (Purple Set)


We include all you need: Our best-selling sticky super-thick yoga mat, set of 2 lightweight foam yoga blocks, a wide yoga strap, an absorbent yoga towel. All come with cool & classic matching color. Pick your favorite from options above.

Yoga Mat: Our NBR Yoga mat comes with 72″ long 24″ wide dimensions, ensuring comfort for people of all shapes and sizes. 1/ 2″ Ultra thick mat with specially designed memory foam protects your knees and joints.

Yoga Block: High Density, Extremely Durable Eva Foam Yoga Block with no chemical smell. Dimension: 9x 6″ x 4″- Pack of 2. Each block weight 6 oz. Non-slip, scratch-proof surface with Beveled Edges for Added Comfort.

Yoga Strap: High quality, durable cotton strap with metal D-ring. The size of 8 feet by 1.5″ inch wide is ideal for most people at different height and levels. Our cotton straps are thick and textured so they won’t slip out of sweaty hands; thus improve your poses and hold your stretches for a longer period.

Yoga Towel: Made of 100% Microfiber material with 80% Polyester and 20% Nylon, the yoga towel can quickly absorb the sweat, keep you body cool and dry the whole 90-minute session.

This special Yoga kit is a cost-effective must have for new beginners or anyone who enjoys the pleasure of doing Yoga!!!

Start your spiritual journey to find the inner peace and positive energy now with just a click “Add to your cart”!

Product Features

  • Yoga Kit: 1 Yoga Mat NBR 72″ x 24″ x 0.5″ – Purple, 1 set of 2 Eva Foam Yoga Blocks 9″ x 6″x4″ – Purple, 1 Yoga Towel 72″ x 24″ – Purple, 1 Yoga Strap 8 feet by 1.5″ inch – Purple
  • Be ready to impress with high-quality Yoga Mat! Employed the high- densed close foam tech, our Yoga mat provides extra comfort and durability.
  • No need support from your partner! Our Soft Foam Yoga Block will provide ample support and ensure proper positioning.
  • What about safety? Yoga Strap not only helps to get the most out of your daily yoga routines but also ensures safety when you perform advanced or challenging poses.
  • Never mess up with sweat or slippery mat! Yoga towel works great to provide non-slip amplified drying surface for light and intense workouts.

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Yoga Coach says:

What a great yoga mat!!! Picking a yoga mat is very important to me because I’m a Yoga Coach. With all the time I will be using it, I want to find the right one at a good price. I used Harbinger, Prosource & other Yoga Mat before throughout the years. I am looking for a new mat for myself and new clients, but don’t have much to spend this month. This product I came across looks almost the same as other yoga mats I’ved used but has the lower price I was looking for so I gave it a try.The yoga mat thickness…

Sara Schrock says:

A steal! Yoga mats are expensive and that’s what discouraged me for buying one for so long. plus the $20 ones are always really thin and slide around a lot. I found this one and i’m a review person really. if the mass majority of reviewers don’t have good things to say i won’t even bother but this mat had great reviews and i can see why! it’s squishy and soft and a really good length! it’s a pretty good mat and i use it ALL the time. I’m very happy with it and it’s price! plus the carrying strap is…

Anonymous says:

Excellent Mat, ultra Tick and ultra soft. Ideal for floor exercises, pilates and yoga. I am a guy who normally get the best bargains online and the best products and this product is one of those. The best of the best. For the quality and the price, this is just the best you can get Online or in the market at any store. Normally at the stores or online are offering some similar products but if you want to compare go with the dimensions and you will see how thick are the others and compare with…

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