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Wacces Anti-Burst Fitness Exercise Stability and Yoga Ball with Pump ( Yellow – 75 CM )

Wacces,’s Anti-Burst Professional Stability Ball is a safe, durable ball with burst resistance to 500-lbs!
This ball is perfect for weight training on the ball as well as users looking for extra performance for health club settings & other heavy-use applications.
Wacces Exercise Ball with free pump included. Incorporate the versatility and effectiveness of the Wacces exercise balls into your workout.
Core strength training is the only way to exercise.

You can take your exercise balls with you wherever you go or exercise at the convenience of your home.
Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, this ball will enhance your workout giving you results. Ideal for stretching, strengthening and toning exercises.
First used by physical therapists over 30 years ago, Exercise Balls are now used in leading health clubs around the nation and are quickly becoming a standard item for any home gym.
The Wacces Fitness Ball is safe, durable, and easy-to-use.

Product Features

  • Helps relax muscles, remove tension and increase tone.
  • Increases flexibility in abdominals, thighs and lower back.
  • Strengthens, stretches and tones all major muscle groups.
  • Enhances coordination and balance, and improves flexibility.
  • Tone, sculpt and chisel your shoulders, arms, thighs and abs.

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A. Shultis says:

great ball, crappy air pump

J. Kincaid says:

Mixed bag The ball itself is fine once you get it inflated, but the pump that comes with it is a cheap piece of junk. If you’re willing to spend a good 2 hours pumping, you’ll get it inflated eventually. There’s no valve of any kind in the actual ball, just a hole, so you have to be ready to get the plug in as soon as you remove the pump nozzle, and no matter how fast you’ll still lose a bunch of air. As others mentioned, the listing says the max capacity is 500 lbs, but the box says 250 lbs. The box…

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