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Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit (65cm)

Gaiam introduces the next evolution of the top selling Balance Ball Beginners kit. The Total Body BalanceBall kit is a refreshed kit that includes the Gaiam anti-burst Balance Ball, 2 complete DVD workouts and a pump.

Product Features

  • Balance ball workout kit with medium (65 cm) exercise ball
  • Exercises abs, back, glutes, hips, arms, and other muscles
  • DVD workouts designed by fitness expert Tanja Djelevic
  • Comes with DVD, air pump, and a high-quality, anti-burst Balance Ball
  • Also available with small (55 cm) and large (75 cm) balls
  • Note: for optimal performance, it may be necessary to re-inflate your new Balance Ball once or twice after the initial inflation

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l.c.r. says:

Great chair, but definitely get 75 cm Various back and hip pains had me looking for a replacement for my Aeron chair. (Can’t believe what I paid for that thing. Talk about effective marketing…) I work at my computer 8 to 10 hrs. a day, five to seven days a week. Extensive research brought me to the exercise ball. Luck (and the good Gaiam name) had me choose this ball. But I got the wrong size at first. Many sites recommend 65 cm for those 5’9″ tall. This is WAY too short. I got 75 cm, and it seems to be the perfect height for me,…

beinghonest says:

Size details for someone of my own stature. Recently, my cheap-o balance ball encountered a tear, and deflated quickly. It was technically a 75 cm ball, so I figured that’s the size I would need for a replacement. I mainly use this ball for a desk chair, for reference. However, when I searched my particular ball online (I originally bought it in store, with no reviews), I read complaints that the 75 cm was really a 65 cm. Then, I found this Gaiam ball kit, and was very frustrated when reading the reviews, because every other review…

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