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Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat, Icy Blossom, 5mm

Extra-thick (5mm) premium print yoga mats provide a stable, non-slip surface for your yoga practice. Perfect for home or studio use, this mat provides additional cushioning to help protect joints.

Product Features

  • Lightweight, durable and extra-thick for additional cushioning
  • Textured non-slip surface for excellent traction
  • 6P free! this mat is free of the phthalates dehp, dbp, bbp, dinp, didp and DNOP
  • Bonus free yoga workout download
  • 68-Inch x 24-inch x 5mm

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jody4president says:

I love this mat it was heavier than I thought it …

Brittney Renee says:

Gaiam Mat Review The picture on the web is not the same color as the mat. The leaves are a more purple color and the mat appears blue but is actually purple. It is pretty slippery, fine for pilates, but I had to buy a Gaiam Yoga Mat Towel and will be using that over the mat to prevent slipping in Yoga. Not a big deal, however, had I known it was a more slippery material I would have gone with another mat instead of spening the money on the towel, in addition to the mat. The past 2 mats I have had have not had a…

Fascinating! says:

Nyah nyah, my mat is prettier than yours! Ummmm… HELLO. This mat is awesome. The cushioning is perfect for my weak wrists. The design is perfect for a beginner yoga student that wants to look like she knows what she is doing. So what if sometimes I lose balance? HAVE YOU SEEN MY MAT?! Classmates be so jelly.The one I purchased was in the Sage Lily print. I matched that with a hot pink Clever Yoga Strap (look it up, it rocks). I look like I’m carrying a tasty watermelon over my shoulder to class, but then I…

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