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BestEquip Yoga Balance Trainer 23 Inch Balance Trainer Ball Fitness Strength Exercise Balance Ball with Lifting Rope and Pump

Yoga Ball Balance Trainer Yoga Fitness Strength Exercise

This balance trainer ball can be used with the dome side up to give you an ever changing dynamic surface to stand on,jump on,kneel on,or lay on to train every part of your body. Or you can flip it over to train balance and stability from an uneven wobble surface. The proprioceptive training tool is great for sports conditioning as well as standard workouts. Currently used as a training tool by leading sports teams, strength coaches,fitness centers,and gyms. Designed to be safe and long lasting.


Anti-water material,durable,stand more pressure.

The possibilities are endless. Challenging and fun.

Simple parts structure,use way can be easily understood.

Total body workouts:abdominal,aerobic etc for the entire body.

Simply adjust the amount of inflation to suit your workout goals.

Combine all the elements of fitness:flexibility etc in effective combinations.

Easily stored under a bed or in a closet,so can be used at home, gym, or in the office.

Notice: out little components that normal worked in pump,notice swallow by children .

2.Prevent ball body’s burst factors like heated,as the power of air pressure.

3.Pregnant and young children should only used with adult’s accompany.

4.Should get determined by direction authority certified in professional conditions.

5.Please control pressure under ball body’s capability.

Package Content

balance trainer ball*1

Lifting Rope*1

Air Foot Pump*1

Valve Plug *1

Product Features

  • Yoga balance trainer diameter:23.6inch/60cm(inside 22.8inch/58cm).Capability:440LBS(nearly 220kg)
  • Balance trainer ball material: PVC ball and ABS base
  • Multiple uses for balance, core stability, endurance and strength Training
  • Relax your arm,leg and back in all around complete sides. Great for sports conditioning as well as standard workouts
  • Application:home gym,other public activities places,cardiovascular exercise where can be widely accepted.

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