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Aerial Silks Equipment for Acrobatic Flying Dance, Includes all Hardware, Fabric and Guide

Gorgeous Quality Jewel Tone Aerial Silks Equipment ~ For Your Home Aerial Oasis

The art of aerial is as rewarding to preform as it is beautiful to witness. Requiring focused awareness, strength, and grace, aerialists are rewarded with the euphoric delight of dancing suspended in the air!

Trying to source all of the pieces of hardware and select the right type of fabric to assemble your own silks equipment can be confusing and time consuming. Kurma has done the hard work for you. This ready-to-use trust-worthy kit includes everything you need, in one purchase, making it easy!

Each item in this kit has been hand selected for beginner to advanced aerialists to enjoy flying confidently at home!

This kit includes the strongest and highest rated 100% nylon fabric. Its low stretch quality is easiest for beginners and intermediates to climb and perfect for practicing aerial at home. Selected for ceilings 8-12ft high, the fabric will rest (or pool) on the floor with plenty of room for wraps. Once tied, the fabric ends fall to each side at 13.5ft.

Included in Kurma’s Aerial Silks Kit

• Step-by-step Knot Tying Guide and Instructions for Assembling your Silks (Simple & Easy)
• 9 Yards (28 ft x 108 in) of Premium, Shiny, Soft, Durable Low Stretch 40 Denier Tricot Fabric (100% Nylon)
• 2 Screw-Lock Carabiners – Max Breaking Load: 25KN = 5620 Pounds Force (lbf), (Steel) CE CSA
• Rescue Figure Eight / Descender – Diameter: 8-12 mm, Strength: 32 KN = 7194 Pounds Force (lbf) (Aluminum)
• Mountaineering Swivel – Max Strength: 30KN = 6744 Pounds Force (lbf) (Aluminum)

You will be absolutely satisfied with the quality of this product! If you are not, simply return to Amazon for a full refund within 60 days. Have questions? Just ask below. Ready to Fly? Stock is Limited, Add to Your Cart Today!

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY COMPLETE AERIAL SILKS EQUIPMENT – Confidently fly at home, feeling the euphoric delight of dancing suspended in the air! Look and feel exquisite on these gorgeous jewel tone sparkling fabrics!
  • PERFECT for BEGINNER & ADVANCED AERIALISTS – Easy to climb, strong and safe nylon fabric is perfect for beginner to advanced aerialists. Trustworthy, carefully selected, rigging and fabrics are professional studio quality
  • STUDIO CHOICE HIGH STRENGTH LOW STRECH 100% NYLON FABRIC: 40 Denier Tricot weave fabric measuring 9 yrds (28ft) long by 108in wide. Ties at center, with 13.5ft of length falling on each side, ideal for standard ceiling heights (8-12ft)
  • HIGHEST RATED CERTIFIED HARDWARE RIGGING: Heavy-duty certified rigging hardware includes: 2 Steel Screw-lock carabiners (5620 lbf), Rescue 8 / Descender (6744 lbf), Mountaineering Swivel (7194 lbf)
  • EASY to SET-UP with DETAILED COLOR GUIDES: Colorful knot tying guide includes step-by-step instructions for setting up your silks. Assemble hardware and fabric easily and clip into your secure overhead/ceiling attachment in minutes. Get your aerial set-up today with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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kimberly says:

Awesome professional-grade silks and hanging hardware. Does not come with eye-bolt that screws into beam or truss on ceiling. Wow this is no joke. Got for my daughter and she can’t stop using them. Serious mountain-climbing hardware that can hold between 4 and 7 thousand pounds!! It specifies weight capacities of supplied locking D-rings, swivel bracket, and rescue-8-ring. Silks are smooth and super strong. My 10-year old is in ballet and wanted these and she is doing awesome already. My 200 pound husband even tried them out with her and it holds great. You have to put up a serious eye-bolt into a truss or beam in the…

karen says:

The silks are great quality and have the right amount of stretch

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