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Yoga Wheel, Light Grey with Bonus eBook

If you’re ready to take your meditation to the next level , or are ready to move into some advanced poses our deluxe yoga wheel is for you . In either case , this prop makes complicated moves like backbends full pigeon and arm balances more attainable . The secret is using the wheel as a counter balance , by gently pressing your head against it . This helps you find your balance in so many poses . For hollowbacks and forearmstands you can pull on the wheel and pull your chest through the move while remaining stable . Holding on to the wheel helps you to have more confidence and provides a foundation to build off of no matter what kind of asana you are doing .

Bring the wheel into your normal poses like arm and leg extensions planks upright balancing and mountain pose for extra difficulty and core strengthening effects . Use the wheel as a holder for your calf while moving into a handstand for an easier transition . Release muscle tension and tone and sculpt your stomach abs , glutes and butt . Perfect for all skill levels , from beginner to professional instructor .

Light weight , comfortable , safe , and portable . Includes life time warranty and unconditional “Love-It” satisfaction guarantee . Designed by yoga lovers for yoga yoga lovers , and made of the strongest custom injection molded PVC . Ebook arrives as email attachment.

Dimensions: 12.5 inches diameter 5.75 inches wide .75 inch thick

Product Features

  • Strong and durable wheel safely supports 500 lbs so you can be confident when you stand on top of it and develop your core
  • Lightweight construction means wheel is easy to bring to studio and back home so you can practice handstands and headstands
  • Generous padding offers spine cushioning comfort as you drape your body over the wheel for backbend and forearm stands scorpion pose
  • Open the back shoulders and chest and stretch your quads and hip flexors while improving your balance
  • Includes lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty and no-hassle Satisfaction Guarantee

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