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Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness

Discover the path to inner peace with this guidebook that combines hatha yoga and meditation strategies from world-renowned yoga master Erich Shiffmann.

World-renowned yoga master Erich Schiffmann offers an easy-to-follow, exciting new techniques—the first to combine hatha yoga and meditation—to all who are seeking healthful beauty and inner peace.

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Comments says:

The Essential Book on Yoga This is by far the most practical,lucid and inspiring book on yoga I have ever read.I am a yoga teacher and have been practicing for over twenty years.It is the only book I know of that teaches how to develope a truely personal practice,based on the experience of truth.Through the cultivation of inner awareness,gentleness and compassion the author guides us to connect with,honor and express the truth of our divine nature .This is the heart of yoga. I recommend that if anyone reads this book…

Brianna Kietzman says:

Guiding My Personal Practice I had taken regular yoga classes for years before buying this book, but I was going to be traveling a lot and wanted to develop a stronger personal practice. This book was recommended to me by my favorite teacher, and it was a perfect fit. It starts with theory and background, giving the reader a base before diving into poses. The poses are then explained in detail including how to get into and out of the pose, how to modify it, what to pay attention to during, and how to group poses into a…

Meredith Leblanc says:

Meditation, Asana, & Life Its taken me awhile to write this review because all I want to do is gush on and on about this book.Since 1996, there has been a deeeep, soooothing voice in my head that tells me “keep it simple”. That voice is Erich Schiffmann’s from Ali Macgraw’s video Yoga Mind & Body. The original tape has been replaced by a DVD and there have been times over the years I’ve tried to ignore Erich, but still, he resides in head. “Keep it Simple.”The message is his book is clear: find…

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