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YOGA: Mudras: Beginners Guide for Daily Use 23 EASY and FAST Hand Gestures for Effective Weight Loss, Unstoppable Energy and Natural Self-Healing


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Have you ever felt with no energy for following your goals or simply with no ambition in life?

Do you want to improve your health by losing some weight?

Or maybe be able to reduce some negative symptoms you might feel throughout the day?


They help on harmonizing mind and body, making energy easily to flow within the bodyThey relief physical discomfort, easing pain by stimulating the endorphin systemThey produce a considerable relaxation, so they can be used for fighting insomniaThey improve mood, stimulating positive thinkingThey raise self-esteem, offering the possibility to rely on your abilitiesThey improve concentration when combined with meditationThey can improve your health helping Weight Loss or other daily issues (headaches, stomachache, constipation, rheumatic problems,etc)

Too good to be true?

Then why so many generations have been using these Mudras?

Now you can take advantage of LEARNING AND USING these ancient techniques for IMPROVING YOUR LIFE.


How to Lose some Weight How to Be More Productive How to Become More Self-Assured How to Turn Pessimism Into Real PositivismHow to Deal With Stress How to Overcome Fear How to Improve symptoms caused by Rheumatism, voice problems, phlegm, constipation and other daily issues

Take Action NOW, Download this book and start learning and using the Ancient Mudras TODAY!

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Nikola says:

Learned new stuff I wanted to incorporate Yoga into my daily routine so I started browsing around the Amazon Kindle store looking for some books to learn more about it. The search got me to the Mudras topic.I never knew much about Mudras and how it relates to yoga, but thankfully I saw this book while it was on a free promo and got it.I have to say, some of the topics in the book intrigued me. I didn’t know anything about Chakras before and how much powerful they are. The book does a really good job…

Denniger Bolton says:

All Yoga practitioners should read this book As somehow who has practiced Hatha Yoga for decades, I must admit, I didn’t really know much about Mudras, that is, gestures for a person’s hands. While any part of the body can be used, it is usually the hands and fingers that are held like an asana is held for a certain amount of time in these particular positions. The author, Alex O’Connor describes a Yogic way to look at first each finger representing one of the five elements, Fire, Air, Space, Earth and Water. The thumb…

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