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YOGA: Meditation, Mindfulness, and Weight Loss. Yoga Guide to Healthy Living.


Updated Second Edition

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Weight Loss. Yoga Guide to Healthy Living!

This book will look closely at yoga and meditation, and their importance in the modern world. In this fast-paced world, it is very easy to be overwhelmed and stressed. Many of us may cave into the pressure and basically shut down and this is where problems begin. Your stress levels increase, you seem always anxious and fearful, you never get enough rest because the anxiety and the stress can make it impossible to sleep, and you never seem to enjoy life. If nothing is done to address the situation, the pressure would be too much for your body and the next thing is that you have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and other health conditions because of the anxiety and stress.

In Yoga you will learn:

The relationship between yoga and meditationSteps of meditationThe effects of yoga on body, mind, and spiritBenefits of yoga and meditationTechniques of meditationYoga techniquesYoga poses for weight lossYoga poses for happinessYoga poses for stress relief.If you want to maintain your sanity in this fast-paced world, you need to learn spending a few minutes meditating and even practicing yoga. This book was designed to provide you with all the information you need to start practicing yoga and meditation for stress relief, happiness and weight loss. The next thing you need to do is to start practicing what you have learnt and experience a difference in your life.

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Hassan Javaid says:

Awesome Information On Yoga, Meditation, Weight Loss & Much More Yoga practices is working and effectively helpful as well and this tradition of Indians from where it was started. I often watch some Indian channels for it and believe me I did some practices of Yoga and it did work for me which was truly amazing and unbelievable that, by just doing simple moves which is looking so much stupid but the results are awesome.I found this book so much helpful because in this book author is explaining Yoga & Meditation step by step and it is perfect for…

Anonymous says:

This was a very quick read for me. I was a huge yoga enthusiasts several years ago. And I let it disappear. Which is such a shame- because it greatly improved ALL aspects of my life.This book was a nice reminder that I need to get back to it. There are a few moves that are explained for beginners- but also great reminders for people who need to get back into the practice.I like that it has sections that explain different purposes for yoga- like yoga for weight loss,…

Anonymous says:

I have tried yoga a few times only, and every time, I find it boring. It always made me sleepy. That’s why I looked for books that would help me realize what the benefits I can get from doing yoga aside from weight loss for me to be inspired doing it more often.I’m rating this book a 4-star! It’s a little bit shorter than I thought it should be. But, I can say this book is educational and informative. It combined meditation and yoga uniquely. There are things I really did not know…

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