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Yoga Book Club + NYC Meetup + Skin Care (VLOG)

Yoga Book Club: YWA/NYC MeetUp: …

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Zoë Lerman says:

Hi! I've recently started following your videos and whatnot (about a month now), and first off – love them. You're the first person who has made yoga a true practice for me, and I do it at least once a day now, usually two or three times, though, now that I'm on break. I just wanted to also say though that I am also an actress (currently in school for it technically), and I know this might be sort of strange, but feel free to reach out! I'd love to maybe collaborate on yoga // any film or theatre project 🙂 Based in LA but from the east coast. Love love love your work and would love to talk to you more personally.

letter word says:

how about making an video "yoga for skin " ,i really like the video "yoga for detox " but i d like one for it

Katie RawVegan says:

Hi Adriene, am Katie. I found your yt videos couple of weeks ago and started practicing yoga with you. It's great I love it, thank you for posting the videos and sharing your knowledge. Thanks to people like you it's very easy to become a yoga practicioner by yourself at home. 
I have a question, what do you think about vegan, vegetarian or raw vegan lifestyle? 
Really would love to know your thoughts on it.
Namaste :)

Danielle Stilwell says:

You are so inspiring! Genuine and amazing at what you do, thanks for everything:)

Heidi Driesen says:

When is there a new Book club episode coming?

gerri george says:

devil horns, really? Just found you and got to say am leaving just as fast.outa here

Donuts Food says:

Hey Adriene ! I love your videos and you will be a amazing actress ! We believe in you ! I love to pratice yoga with you, its my favorite part of the day ! Btw I am from The Netherlands and I just love it !
So relaxing !
So Thanks for everything
Love you ❤❤

Sophie Spanos says:

Adriene you're such a talented person and a huge inspiration to aspiring yogis like me! Thank you for your videos and for being your awesome self!

swathi nair says:

Congratulation on your movie! And your routines,they have inspired me to the core. Thanx a ton adriene. Lots of love!

Valentino says:

You're unbelievably cute

trixy345 says:

Gesundheit! Haha sorry I just enjoy understanding German 😀 congratulations on the movie!!

Cate Gerl says:

I am in Tucson 🙂 A yoga class meet-up sounds fun! 

Terry Alvarado says:

When you are in NYC visit Exhale Spa, Kira's Core Fusion class, Awesome!

Ban 반 says:

언제나 잘 보고 있어요!!~~~ 이 말을 알아 들으실진 모르겠지만 ^^ ㅎㅎ

Cynthia Insinna says:

This is so "synchronized" I can't believe it! Just this morning I was telling my husband that I wanted to start a book club! How do I join? Oh and how can I change my email address with you? Also to tell you I just started the 29 day Reboot, it is so perfect for me I get up at dawn to do it!

momyntum says:

Lovely sweater vest. It matches your spirit.

xoxocooks says:

Oh yeah, pumped to be mentioned in this, and looking forward to making migas!

Priyata Kalra says:

I see you say gesundhiet 😀 Love your videos. I would be very happy if you do some routines for 30 mins each just to fall back on them everyday. I love doing yoga with you . Any plans for germany?

Irene Theod says:

Hey sweet Adriene!You just made my day watching your video while eating breakfast! Unfortunately I haven't received the Tree of Yoga yet,maybe I will next week so I will join the club! The most most important that I cropped from the video is that you will return with a new project on June!!!!Yeahhhh..I can't wait!!!We will be fit!!!!:)) Finally, its a pity that NYC is sooo far away from me!!!Kissesss

Michelle Gerovac says:

Is that an "Anatomy Colouring Book" I see?! haha 🙂 

GetMimsie says:

Can you make a flexibility yoga routine, perhaps? That would be fantastic!! 

Aurora Forte says:

Will you make a video on back flexibility?

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