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Yoga Body and Mind Handbook: Easy Poses, Guided Meditations, Perfect Peace Wherever You Are

“Yoga works best when it is tailored to each person’s individuality. In the Yoga Body & Mind Handbook, Jasmine honors this need by offering the kind of personalization and guidance that respects each reader’s specific abilities.
―Mark Whitwell, Master Yoga Teacher and author of The Promise and Yoga of Heart

Yoga offers the benefits of reducing stress, increasing peace, and cultivating greater wellbeing. If you’re new to yoga, you may wonder if it’s right for you―what if it’s more difficult or requires more patience and athleticism than you thought?

Named one of 2016’s 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in America, Jasmine Tarkeshi has spent more than 20 years teaching yoga to people of all levels and abilities. As co-founder of Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers in New York and San Francisco, Jasmine has seen firsthand that with the right guidance anyone can enjoy and benefit from yoga.

Written specifically with the beginner in mind, the Yoga Body & Mind Handbook is Jasmine’s encouraging introduction to essential yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditations.

Easy-to-follow and fun, the Yoga Body & Mind Handbook offers:

Complete yoga routines from 15 minutes to over an hour include breathing, posture, and meditationBeginner-friendly yoga postures with suggested modificationsMeditations that can be done anywhere to counter stress and boost healthDetailed instructions and illustrations of techniques, postures, breathing exercises, and more

No matter your level of yoga familiarity, the compassionate, step-by-step guidance in the Yoga Body & Mind Handbook will show you how yoga can help you live up to your highest potential by relieving physical, mental, and emotional tension.

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Jonathan Parker says:

A wonderful yoga handbook!!!!! Jasmine Tarkeshi’s book is a finely thought out handbook for anyone interested in yoga – you can be a new yogi or a grizzled old timer (this reviewer) who has been practicing for decades. Her love of yoga and life are apparent from the first page to the last. Her writing is easy to understand and insightful. For Jasmine, yoga is a way of life; it is much more than the postures. The book explains the postures, breathing, meditation and how to incorporate all this into your life on…

Nancy L. Kvamme says:

Yoga for better health Yoga has been found to help with various ailments along with physical, mental and emotional tension. The book includes poses that are beneficial for both novices or experienced. Yoga may not seem like a workout since there is not much movement but benefits can be considerable. It is also useful for people who may not be able to do more physical exercises.In the appendix is a photo of each pose along with the page number where it can be found.I received a copy of the…

Sarah Tomlinson, author of Nine Designs For I... says:

Inviting… This delicious book is so inviting! It will inspire practitioners from all walks of life to enjoy yoga. Tarkeshi guides us through the A-Z of yoga: postures, breathing practices, and meditation along with their benefits all delivered with a clear and ‘real life’ voice. One of my favorite elements presented is the healing quality of each posture; whether it is intended to be relaxing, grounding, balancing or energizing. In this deceptively simple ‘handbook’ you are shown…

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