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The Complete Guide to Yoga Inversions: Learn How to Invert, Float, and Fly with Inversions and Arm Balances

Turn your yoga routine on its head!

Designed to take you from a beginner to an advanced yoga student, this helpful guide will help you to progress from downward dog to even the more intricate of handstand poses.

Improve focus and ability as you tone your upper body and core. The Complete Guide to Yoga Inversions is the ultimate collection of the most common arm balance poses and yoga inversions that are found in a variety of styles of yoga including ashtanga, bikram, power, hatha and more.

Challenge yourself with XX arm balances and yoga poses with detailed step-by-step instructions from fitness and yoga instructor Jennifer DeCurtins. Each pose includes a helpful photo along with modifications and progressions. Learn to do pivotal, foundational poses such headstand, handstand and crow.

The Complete Guide to Yoga Inversions is the perfect guide to improve your ability.

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RDO says:

good demonstration of binds and inversions

M. Dobbs says:

Great for help with a home practice

Smooth says:

Nice book for showing you postures with tips Nice book for showing you postures with tips. Well put together.However, the is no guide to instruct on a practice to develop the ability for each pose or a sequence of posturing to move a person through the process to go from not being able to do a posture to getting there. There is nothing that describes affects of breath/volume compression ( highly important when inverting ).I had expected more than just another book on postures. I got the kindle version for $3 so…

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