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Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story

Kids love yoga—and it’s great for them, so much so that the President’s Council has added the practice to the fitness activities in the annual President’s Challenge. For parents and caregivers looking for a fun and effective new routine for bedtime, innovative educator Mariam Gates presents Good Night Yoga, a playful yet wholly practical book for preparing for sleep.
This beautifully illustrated, full-color book tells the story of the natural world as it closes down for the night, while teaching children a simple flow of yoga postures inspired by their favorite characters from nature. Moving from “Sun Breath” to “Cloud Gathering” to “Ladybug & Butterfly” and more, readers learn techniques for self-soothing, relaxing the body and mind, focusing attention, and other skills that will support restful sleep and improve overall confidence and well-being.

Product Features

  • Bedtime book of yoga poses for preparing for sleep
  • Encourages gross motor skills, calmness, mental and physical well-being
  • A beautiful way to transition from awake to sleep
  • Features calming flow of yoga posture illustrations and instructions among story of the Earth preparing for sleep
  • Learn techniques for self-soothing, relaxing the body and mind, focusing attention, and more

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Reader says:

Kids and Parents Sleeping Better!

Amazon Customer says:

Don’t get the kindle version!! The KINDLE version of this book must be viewed one page at a time, but the illustrations and text were created to be viewed as a spread of two pages. Since the whole point of the book is to DO the yoga poses as you read them with your child, it’s really inconvenient to have the illustration of the pose you’re reading about not be visible whem you’re reading it. Buy the physical book if you want it to be useful. I would do that, but I’m too irritated at having already spent money on the kindle…

Nansea says:

Great to prepare little ones for “rest” time and bed … I had purchased several copies; for classroom, for nieces and nephew ages 3 to 13, and for friend who teaches yoga who has grandchildren.Great to prepare little ones for “rest” time and bed time.Pictures and words are precious! (I did read the text of the story from beginning to end first. Then reading the story again, I included the poses as they related to each page of the story.)The 3 year old was following the “Good Night Yoga Flow” pictures at the end of…

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